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قیمت : ۱۵۰۰ تومان

لیست کتابهای موجود در این مجموعه :

Analog BiCMOS Design: Practices and Pitfalls
Analog Circuits Cookbook: Ian Hickman
CMOS Electronics: How It Works, How It Fails: Jaume Segura
Communications Network Test & Measurement Handbook
Complete Guide to Semiconductor Devices
Computer Aided Power System Analysis (Power Engineering, 15)
Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits: Behzad Razavi
Digital Power Electronics and Applications: Fang Lin Luo
Digital Signal Processing Demystified
Digitally Assisted Pipeline ADCs: Theory and Implementation
Electronic Failure Analysis Handbook: Perry L. Martin
Engineer’s notebook II: A handbook of integrated circuit applications
Handbook of Semiconductor Silicon Technology
IC Mask Design: Essential Layout Techniques: Christopher Saint
Low-Angle Radar Land Clutter: Measurements and Empirical Models
MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design
Microchip Fabrication, 5th Ed.: Peter Van Zant
Multirate Statistical Signal Processing
Nano-CMOS Circuit and Physical Design: Ban Wong, Anurag Mittal
Power Distribution Networks with On-Chip Decoupling Capacitors
A Baker’s Dozen: Real Analog Solutions for Digital Designers
Smart Sensors and MEMS
Starting Electronics, Third Edition: Keith Brindley
Switching Power Supply Design: Abraham I. Pressman
Synthesis and Optimization of DSP Algorithms
Theory of Superconductivity: From Weak to Strong Coupling
Transformer and Inductor Design Handbook

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