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قیمت : ۱۵۰۰ تومان

لیست کتابهای موجود در این مجموعه :

Additive Combinatorics (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematic)
Algebraic K-Theory, Number Theory, Geometry, and Analysis
Algebraic K-Theory. Evanston 1980: Proceedings of the Conference
Algebraic Structure of Knot Modules (Lecture Notes in Mathematic)
An Algebraic Approach to Association Schemes
Analytical Methods in Probability Theory: Proceedings of the …
Basics of MATLAB and Beyond: Andrew Knight
Complex Analysis – Fifth Romanian-Finnish Seminar.
Computational Methods and Function Theory: Proceedings of a..
Computational Statistics Handbook with MATLAB
Computer Systems Validation: Quality Assurance, Risk Management
Continuous Exponential Martingales and BMO
Continuous Lattices and Domains
Counterexamples in Probability and Real Analysis: Gary L. Wise
Differential Geometric Methods in Mathematical Physics
Elements of Distribution Theory
Equidistribution in Number Theory, An Introduction
Geometry, Language, And Strategy
Graphics with Mathematica: Fractals, Julia Sets, Patterns and..
Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and …
Landmark Writings in Western Mathematics 1640-1940
Long-Memory Time Series: Theory and Methods
Mathematics for Engineers and Technologists
MATLAB Primer, Sixth Edition: Kermit Sigmon, Timothy A. Davis
Multiscale Methods: Averaging and Homogenization
Nonparametric Regression Methods for Longitudinal Data Analysis
Semiclassical Analysis, Witten Laplacians, and Statistical …
Spectral Methods in MATLAB (Software, Environments, Tools)
SPSS 12.0 Advanced Models: Inc. SPSS
Symposium on the Theory of Numerical Analysis Held in Dundee ..
The Pythagorean Theorem: A 4,000-Year History: Eli Maor

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